The company is founded on the belief that Investment Grade Agricultural Real Estate is the best investment and investment Hedge in the world. By "Investment Grade" we simply mean agricultural real estate that is income producing (an enhanced cash flow and return) which is in the path of progress - in other words, it will become more valuable as residential, commercial or industrial over time. At this point the investor makes a decision to keep it in its' current configuration (coffee plantation, citrus, mango or avocado grove, cattle ranch, dairy, palm oil, window fruit, etc...) and maintain a certain lifestyle or sell and reap long term capital gains of many times the original investment. The third option would be to develop it slowly over time in your own theme and fashion. The company has developed many of its own properties and helped others to do the same giving it a seasoned and successful track record.

As an Investment Hedge, Agricultural Real Estate is without equal. The normal Hedges for safety and the possibility of a world wide depression (read; meltdown) is Gold and other precious metals. Gold earns no income and pays no dividends active agricultural land earns income and pays dividends and when strategically located increases in value dramatically. In the case of a "meltdown" you can't eat gold or silver or platinum but with fertile tropical land you can grow anything year around and eat all that your hearts' desire - not too mention acquire all the precious metals you care to from those who figure out they can't eat gold!

The company principals Robert Demes, William Ramirez, Alberto Lopez and Arturo Salazar have worked together for over 20 years. They have the knowledge and experience to find you the right property at the right price and make it work for you with all that entails!

Robert Demes, Arturo Salazar, Alberto Lopez & William Ramirez