For Baby Boomers one of the most important facets of visiting or living in a new area is access to excellent medical care - we want to feel good and look good. Costa Rica has developed a Private Medical Care System over the last 30 years equal to or Better than the systems in The United States or the European Union, hence the outstanding longevity rate of 80 years. The crown jewels in the system are Clinica Biblica, Hospital Catolica and CIMA Hospital pictured below. All offer state of the art facilities and an abundance of US/European trained Physicians and Surgeons - all at a cost of approximately one third for the equivalent treatment in the United States. CIMA itself has a sponsorship from Baylor University and shares doctors. From personal and family experience you cannot get better medical treatment, cosmetic surgery or dentistry anywhere in the world. I would be delighted to discuss personal and family experiences with the system. You may call (see the numbers under Contact Us) or write

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Services Offered:
Internal Medicine
Cosmetic Surgery
General Surgeons
Dentistry (including implants and restoration
Abuse and Wellness Centers
We can also assist with travel and in-country arrangements